Kitu Jhawar-Terris, MFT
(707) 776-6513
kitu @ kitujhawar.com

* Make a lasting change 
* Discover what is blocking you from reaching your goals 
* Gain a greater self-acceptance and inner strength 
* Initiate and sustain fulfilling relationships 
* Challenge your negative thoughts and behaviors 
* Form new ways of communicating and relating to others


Getting support from someone away from your inner-circle can provide you with a different perspective of what may be going on and create new ways to think about yourself and your relationships with others. My goal is to help you find lasting solutions to troublesome feelings, unproductive behaviors, and unsatisfying relationships. I will help you unblock what is in your way and make the connections within yourself you need to move forward to a fuller life. By uncovering the obstacles holding you back, you can learn to make better choices, feel more optimistic, turn goals into realities, and discover fresh opportunities.

Take a step towards positive change today.


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