Authenticity: Your True Self

This time of year finds many of us surrounded by different groups of family and friends. At times we with those that comprise a core part of our everyday lives and at others, we are with people that we care about but do not see as much. This got me thinking about how similar or differently I may act around certain groups of people. Does whom I am surrounded by change how I act? In short, yes. There are topics that I would speak to some people about, but not others. Am I being my true self if I edit myself? I believe so. This topic reminded me of a Ted Talk by Julian Baggini that I watched some time ago about what makes up our true selves.

This quote, in particular, stood out to me, “your true self is not something that you will have to go searching for, as a mystery, and maybe never ever find. To the extent you have a true self, it’s something that you in part discover, but in part create. And that, I think, is a liberating and exciting prospect.” – Julian Baggini

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