Finding Motivation: Finding the Right Path

How do I find motivation? It often takes time and patience and means that I need to clear out the clutter before I can even begin to see what I need to do. It is hard to see what needs to be done without fresh eyes. Sometimes it takes a push or a reminder from a close friend or family member. Other times rather than finding motivation, what we face is a road block of our fears and an imagination full of the worst possible scenario.

What helps me find motivation? Space.  Having the ability to realize what it is that I would like to achieve and then making space in my life so that I may accomplish it. This means that I have to see myself as capable. I find that success motivates me, no matter how small it may be. I often work with my clients to help them in creating small goals. The reason being that accomplishing smaller goals not only lays a foundation for whatever it is that we would like to do, but also provides the motivation and positive encouragement to do so. Sometimes what has given us the ambition to get on that path is really the most important part.

The most difficult step is most often the first one. From there we find that the of rest them become easier as we go.  We need to remind ourselves to accept the path that we have chosen. Accepting where we are in our lives at the moment is a crucial piece.

We all have things that we are passionate about in our lives. There are things that we are willing to put our time and effort into and there are things that we reluctantly do. There are so many variables in our lives, our drive, passions, where we are at in that moment. I may be able to accomplish something one day, but completely flake on it the next. Our hopes and dreams are malleable – they can adjust themselves each and every day.

We often need to focus inward in order to find out what pathways lay on the outside. It may not always make sense to us. Perhaps we choose to take a winding path rather than walking in a straight line.  Does that make it the wrong path?  No, it means that it was the right path for us in that moment. Motivation comes when we are ready to take on the next challenge in our life. If we are not there yet, then it is just a part of our path. There is no right or wrong when it comes to the paths we have chosen. Finding acceptance for where we are at in the moment is the crucial element in finding motivation and moving forward successfully.

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