Children and Adolescents

  • Does your child struggle with depression, anxiety, or self-criticism?
  • Does your child get easily overwhelmed by their emotions?
  • Does your child’s behavior frustrate or confuse you?
  • Do you have trouble communicating with your child?

I can help your child build self-esteem and social skills, improve communication skills, stimulate development, improve emotional vocabulary and provide the tools to help them cope with their emotions. My goal is to provide a safe, accepting, and genuine place to help your child gain and sustain a strong sense of self, emotional strength, good relationships, and clear communication. By creating an environment that is free of criticism and expectation – whether real or perceived – I can help youth experience a greater awareness of who they are. Once we build a trusting relationship, we can begin to explore the true self.

Adolescents often struggle to become more independent and want to feel as though they are important and that their lives have meaning. This process may be more difficult if there are unresolved challenges, including difficulty in dealing with anger and frustration, difficulties expressing emotion, social challenges, and impulsiveness. These challenges can impair an adolescent’s growth and development. Therapy during this phase can offer a safe, confidential, nonjudgemental place where friends, family, and school can be explored.


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